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Stallman dhe lindja e Software-it të Lirë

Një copëz nga një emision i BBC-së, në të cilën përshkruhet fare shkurtimisht lindja e Software-it të Lirë:

Open Source Parking

Një projekt i ri nga Bruce Perens.
Për një ide përmbledhëse mbi shtysat që nxitën projektin mund të lexoni këtë artikull.

Nga komentet në web për projektin:

…am not sure but I think that the advantage of what he has proposed is that advertisements on the parking page could be used to both pay for the bandwidth and possibly bring revenue that could be donated to OpenSource projects. Why park your domain on your registrar’s parking servers when you can both provide revenue and ensure that the parked site is registering as running on an open platform? Geeks love to show their love for O/S, this is their chance.

…They will be in the Netcraft report whether anyone submits them or not. My primary goal was to take the “appearance only” Netcraft report share away from IIS / Windows. But others have shown that advertising on parked domains is effective, and Free Software can use the funds. If I can get up to 750K hits/month, we can start using Adsense for Domains. With lower numbers, other services are available.

Things I’d use the funds for:

  • Maintaining the parking infrastructure.
  • Building a real PAC (political action committee) for Free Softare



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